If they read and love your blog, your email message box may fill up pretty quickly ??

If they read and love your blog, your email message box may fill up pretty quickly ??

Getting a ton of attention and want some help handling it? As a paid member, you’ll be able to set up an automatic email that will go to all of your first time emails. You can use this to ask questions or tell people specifics about what you’re looking for. This can help you to not have to sort through a ton of emails from matches that you are not interested in.

Pictures and Videos for Days

If there’s one thing there is no shortage of on Passion are the member’s videos and pictures. With so many sexually charged members, you can expect that they are always going to be trying to load up their sexiest pictures and videos. In fact, some of them even stream live on the site. You can look at these on each member’s individual profile or you can look for “what’s hot” on the site. This is what those options look like and are available at the top of the page. You can see a lot of these with your free trial, but will need an account to get into some of the photo albums.

The Community

Passion has a community section that gives you new and innovative ways to interact with other members. They also have a ton of information on dating and adult dating that can help you out with your search and overall experience on the site. These options are available at the top of the page under the community tab.

Personal Blog

Like writing and want to share stories or things that are going on in your life? As a paid member of Passion you get the opportunity to start and maintain your very own blog. Other members can read about your exciting exploits and interact with you about your blog. This is a great way to show what’s happening in your life and also a great way to meet matches.


Passion has a flirting/wink style function that allows you to let another member know that you’re interested. This can be a great way to spark interest if you’re a little shy and don’t want to send the first message. What happens a lot too is you’ll wink at someone and then they will wink back and you’ll know that’s your green light to send a message. We do know that a lot of members use this function so we actually recommend that you just put yourself out there and send a message to someone you’re interested in!

The Quality of Singles at Passion

One of the biggest concerns that people have when choosing an online dating site is whether or not the matches on the site are quality, current, and active. With a site like this one, it is also a concern on whether or not the accounts are real snapcougars ne demek or just robots or fake accounts.

As we started our Passion review, we did notice one thing. There are a TON of people on this site. When we say a ton, we mean a whole heck of a lot of people. We did some sample searches for different areas and always came back with a healthy list of potential dates and matches.

The next obvious question is whether or not these matches are current or they’re just old accounts that joined the site and then left. Passion has a great feature where you can quickly see the last time that a member was online. This means it didn’t take us long to realize that a lot of these accounts were actively online or had been online recently.

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