Regarding quality and you will structure, the new HEM8 provides a similar top-notch bass toward dos

Regarding quality and you will structure, the new HEM8 provides a similar top-notch bass toward dos

The fresh middle-assortment speech is even some other, towards the HEM8 offering a better but still brownish tone to help you procedures, having a comparable getting out-of detail

Aurisonics ASG-2.5 – here is the previous flagship of the Aurisonics ASG show, construction one 14.2mm active rider and twin well-balanced armatures to handle the newest large wavelengths, and will currently be purchased towards the FS forums to have a comparable speed as the RRP of HEM8. Because the an immediate evaluation, new ASG-2.5 is far more capable regarding trout, for the higher 14.2mm dynamic driver and you can tuneable bass vents permitting people even more mid and you can sandwich bass than the BA setup of HEM8 is capable of. 5 on middle-trout area, which is unbelievable due to the pedigree of one’s dos.5. Where it will lose away is within the sandwich bass, on 2.5 bringing far greater extension and you can sub bass rumble, in place of actually clouding the remainder soundscape. In terms of the mids, new HEM brings a speech this is not just as pass because the 2.5, but conveys a comparable level of feelings and texture on the 2.5, that it relies upon your preference to possess vocals concerning which is ideal. Treble is a bit a whole lot more sparkly and you may seems best lengthened given that an effect as compared to weighty however, “matte” sheen of the HEM8 presentation. Separation and ergonomics are quite also, to your smaller and you will light HEM8 bringing a similar amount of noise prevention towards larger “hybrid/universal” complement of 2.5, when you are being similarly easy to don. Regarding soundstage, the two.5 produces a much big perception out of dimensions, although it is matched up and you can possible bettered of the HEM8 into the terms of breadth therefore the holographic become out-of particular bits of music. Total, the ASG-2.5 brings a warmer and much more middle-send tuning, which have a in a position to (and give) sandwich bass and lots of “slam” and you will sky. It seems to lose out slightly on the detail recovery, so if you are looking for an even more basic tuning which have highest levels of clear detail and you will an even more “textured” be, brand new HEM is my tip – if you’re looking getting a middle or trout centered IEM for things such as EDM, brand new ASG wins without doubt.

Bass was a bit a great deal more expose with the HEM8, for the quad-BA setup providing some significantly more thickness and you will grunt towards sound than the dos BA Nova to possess trout big tunes

Campfire Music pfire Tunes, offering to own a current RRP regarding $499. The entire voice trademark of Nova looks for the effortless and you will quite black, very is a great suits having analysis for the HEM8. With regards to voice, the newest HEM8 isn’t very airy, but nevertheless seems to seem a little alot more unlock than the Nova, with the five BA vehicle operators doing work really together to give a beneficial game voice which have an elevated be out-of treble extension and you will understanding. Soundstage and you may imaging try fairly equivalent, having one another IEMs controlling to take the songs some beyond your constraints of the listener’s direct. The brand new outline profile also are similar, toward HEM8 which have a somewhat much more discreet and you can “denser” feel to the notes compared to the alot more synthetic-group of Nova. When the one thing, the brand new HEM8 have the edge when you look at the understood detail recovery because of brand new clearer full tone, nevertheless the real solution is really equivalent. Treble is truly claimed by HEM8, with a solution demonstration that is nonetheless from airy, however, a great deal more pass and you can clear. Soundstage feels a little wide toward Nova, but imaging seems a great deal more 3d towards HEM8 for me. Ergonomics try obtained with ease from the HEM8, to the coffee-bean designed layer slotting easily for the ear and kept safe more than occasions regarding don. Concurrently, looks and build top quality was won because of the Nova, on solid aluminium shells and top quality litz cord looking markedly a great deal more epic as compared to even more subtle industrial framework into the HEM. Total, the main difference between the 2 is more tonal than simply tech, into the Novas getting an actuality on the voice having said that to the a whole lot more technically complete category of however, conventional tuning of the HEM8. To own my needs, I would choose the HEM8 basically must see ranging from the two, but that is due simply towards the reality We already very own a “real” sounding more-ear services about Audioquest Nighthawk – if it wasn’t the fact, the fresh sheer voice of your Nova is a powerful factor regarding the decision between the two.

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