Some Wiccan Representations and Meanings: Simple And Easy Essential That People Need To Know

Some Wiccan Representations and Meanings: Simple And Easy Essential That People Need To Know

The Eye of Horus

A person’s eye of Horus concerns neo-Pagan customs from Egypt.

They signifies security, but Ia€™ll acknowledge Ia€™ve never labored that one into any one of this magical.

The symbol i personally use for safety is:


The algiz rune symbolize protection. We also provided an individual one good way to use it during beauty case for protection.

Both of these representations will be able to work fantastic as a Wiccan symbol for safeguards.

Romance Icons

It might appear clear, however the emotions happens to be a frequently used sign in modern-day Wicca to express enjoy.

Numerous appreciate magick, specially with regards to passionate romance, nonetheless needs the sketching of cardiovascular.

In the event that youa€™re interested in an even more esoteric signal:

That is a rune frequently familiar with symbolize like. It can be utilized in total kinds of adore.

Including, you can use they in an enchantment to boost family ties in order to increase a nurturing relationship.

If you want to observe how this sign is included in a proper spell, I gave an adore spell applies it during write-up on charisma bags.

This is the rune Fehu. It can be used in every opportunities related magical.

It’s also useful success and wealth means. This is often the regular Elder Futhark Runes in the event your inquisitive about learning the company’s history and employs.


This is actually the logo regarding the Horned goodness. It could be viewed as the two nature into Goddess power.

It grizzly gay app signifies power and virility. That is the traditional Wiccan signs, but we waited impart it right here because it is so often utilized in wonders encompassing power.

There are lots of runes being popular for power: thurisaz and ewyas being 2 of them.

We generally use appropriate because the jagged corners consult with me as intensity and energy:


The Rod of Asclepius is well-known denoting treatment because it brings made use of in a lot of health fields today.

But this image has actually age-old beginnings and suits flawlessly into modern-day Wicca. It comes down from your Greek god Asclepius.

Additionally there is the rune that presents health:

Elemental Symbols

The site i personally use icons the most is elemental miracle. These are the your we quite often use each regarding the components.

Detect just how these standard icons have got an alignment that points the way it relates to the other icons. Liquids and flame tend to be contradictory components so the designs is corrected from friends. Flame wants atmosphere to exist, thin designs are generally the same.

These types associated with elemental representations are often referred to as the popular alchemy symbols.

Sun Corner

The solar power combination is a fantastic representation to encapsulate all for areas at a time. Ia€™ve tried it in consecration rite and also in magick that will need all four features.

If you’d like to know more representations of each element, check my own person documents on each component: soil, atmosphere, flame, and liquid.

Ideas Pull Wiccan Symbols

You’ll find loads of approaches to get your very own designs. Ita€™s not simply a question of removing a pen and papers.

According to the objective, you could potentially boost the energy of an image with the aid of products that relate with the icon.

For earth designs, you could potentially get with charcoal onto a material. For good fortune, you can make use of a feather and environmentally friendly ink you made from bayberry.

The choices tend to be endless.

I suggest acquiring inventive in the way you suck the designs and maybe even learning to make the very own ink to enhance the ability.

Last Tips

Below are some tips for a lot more long-lasting forms of the symbols. You could shut the designs into precious jewelry or extras in order that the signs can still get in your area.

That is perfect when you use a Wiccan safeguards icon or if you do you need a love mark near some body you will want it to my workplace on.

Click the photographs for more information. Here’s a necklace with all the runes over it.

I also advocate acquiring a full number rune stones. Like this you’ve a tidy and pro collection of runes at your disposal any time you do the job magick that addresses these people.

Some others have got a very good link with a type of the Goddess image and acquire a tattoo as part of the devotion.

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